1. Oracle earnings flat as CEO steps down citing health reasons

    12 Sep, 2019

    Co-chief Mark Hurd requests a leave of absence to focus on his health after nine years at the firm

  2. Slack launches Euro Data Residency

    12 Sep, 2019

    The collaboration platform is giving customers the option to store data closer to home and Germany will be first

  3. Microsoft cloud

    Microsoft confirms a Teams client for Linux is on its way

    10 Sep, 2019

    Key rival to Slack encroaches on one of the platform’s major current USPs

  4. Connected cars

    Microsoft revs up connected car cloud service with TomTom

    9 Sep, 2019

    Microsoft and TomTom fortify their existing partnership to strengthen connected car data insights

  5. A woman remote working from a cafe using the cloud

    Now is the time to embrace remote working

    6 Sep, 2019

    As Brexit looms, businesses need to adapt before it’s too late


  1. Amazon Web Services review

    2 Aug, 2019

    Amazon's one cloud service provider to rule them all isn't always the most economical option for SMEs

  2. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct review

    22 Jul, 2019

    A cloud backup solution well suited to protecting distributed offices but spoilt by a lot of rough edges

  3. Microsoft Azure review

    19 Jul, 2019

    A clear and cost-effective path for deploying your Microsoft office network in the cloud

  4. Spotify launches 'Lite' app

    9 Jul, 2019

    Smaller version of the music streaming platform designed for those with limited data plans

  5. Zyxel Nebula Control Center 2019 review

    21 Jun, 2019

    Cloud network management doesn’t get much easier or more affordable


  1. How to get ready for your cloud transformation

    13 Sep, 2019

    Five decisions IT teams should consider before migrating to the cloud

  2. Illustration of a code cloud raining over a city

    Our 5-minute guide to enterprise cloud computing

    11 Sep, 2019

    What is enterprise cloud computing, how is it used, and what are the business benefits?

  3. Silhouette of a team with people icons overlaid representing digital HR

    Five digital transformation tips for HR

    6 Sep, 2019

    Digital transformation efforts can start from within your own department

  4. How digital workspaces are changing the way we work

    6 Sep, 2019

    The way we work is changing, and the way we manage our IT tools needs to change with it

  5. Carbon Black execs reveal post-acquisition plans

    29 Aug, 2019

    Security firm CEO and CTO talk integration, growth and Gelsinger