1. Cloudera

    View from the airport: DataWorks Summit 2019

    22 Mar, 2019

    There’s no honeymoon period for the ‘new’ Cloudera as questions about the future go unanswered

  2. Oracle and Slack extend customer experience

    21 Mar, 2019

    Customers Experience Cloud will allow sales staff to share intel about prospects and close deals faster

  3. Main stage at the DataWorks Summit 2019 keynote address

    Cloudera makes '100% open source' commitment

    20 Mar, 2019

    The firm insists its vision for an 'enterprise data cloud', coinciding with a rebrand, "isn't just marketing fluff"

  4. Trello automation

    Trello gains 13 enterprise productivity focused features

    20 Mar, 2019

    New workflow automation tool is also coming to free users

  5. Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft adds 'Infinite Whiteboards' to Teams

    20 Mar, 2019

    Collaboration tool celebrates its second birthday with innovative updates


  1. Google G Suite review: Suite like chocolate

    20 Mar, 2019

    If you can make the leap to a cloud-centric usage model, G Suite provides seamless real-time document collaboration.

  2. Xero review: Xero to (almost) hero

    15 Mar, 2019

    Comprehensive cloud accounting that's particularly well suited to sales-based businesses

  3. Zoho Books review: Everything but the kitchen sink

    11 Mar, 2019

    A relatively low-cost accounting suite with a huge range of features at all tiers, but lacking integrated payroll

  4. Sage Accounting review

    7 Mar, 2019

    Sage’s self-service accounting software is a good all-rounder, but leaves something to be desired

  5. BBC and ITV to launch streaming service in UK

    27 Feb, 2019

    The service could also see Channel 4 and Channel 5 offering content on-demand


  1. UKCA Q&A: Joel Berwitz, CDW

    26 Feb, 2019

    We speak to CDW's head of cloud services about the cloud trends and why it's sponsoring the UK Cloud Awards this year...

  2. Best free email backup tools

    25 Feb, 2019

    A look at some of the easiest to use tools for saving your essential data

  3. What is hybrid cloud?

    21 Feb, 2019

    Hybrid cloud: What is it and does it really offer the best of both private and public cloud?

  4. Slack HQ

    Slack's fight against email is about to get more complicated

    19 Feb, 2019

    UK boss says success depends on the platform becoming a viral sensation among business users

  5. Automating the end of discrimination

    14 Feb, 2019

    Tech tools such as AI and bots can help improve equality, but only if we humans build and use them the right way