1. HPE Discover 2019

    HPE head declares future is "cloudless"

    20 Jun, 2019

    Antonio Neri sets out his vision for the future of business IT

  2. Microsoft Azure logo displayed on a phone

    Microsoft unveils public preview for Azure Bastion

    19 Jun, 2019

    The security-centric PaaS add on will guard remote access to virtual machines

  3. IT outage

    Office meetings hit by chaos due to Google Calendar outage

    19 Jun, 2019

    G Suite service down for more than three hours globally as office workers enjoyed the freedom...

  4. HPE banks on AI and analytics for cloud success

    18 Jun, 2019

    Updates to Aruba Central and hybrid cloud offerings underline 'cloud-to-edge' strategy

  5. What to expect from HPE Discover 2019

    17 Jun, 2019

    HPE has had a low-key 2019, but this year’s conference should be anything but dull


  1. Salesforce Essentials review

    11 Jun, 2019

    The SMB edition of one of the world's most popular sales tools dials down both cost and complexity

  2. Linksys LAPAC2600C review: Easy cloud networking for SMBs

    31 May, 2019

    An affordable Wave 2 AP that’s strong on performance and features

  3. Microsoft Teams review: A no-brainer for Microsoft shops

    23 May, 2019

    Existing Office 365 subscribers will love this - others, not so much

  4. Best Making Tax Digital software 2019

    29 Apr, 2019

    The best cloud accounts packages for dealing with HMRC’s new tax rules

  5. FreshBooks review: Slick, but shallow

    23 Apr, 2019

    Cloud accounting designed for freelancers and service-based small enterprises


  1. Welcome to the age of the platform

    17 Jun, 2019

    What Dropbox’s pivot tells us about the state of cloud storage

  2. Why cloud should be part of your disaster recovery strategy

    7 Jun, 2019

    Cloud-based solutions can help support businesses of all sizes through unplanned downtime

  3. Local or Microsoft account: Which is best for you?

    4 Jun, 2019

    Not sure which type of Windows account you should be using? Here are the pros and cons of each

  4. Multi cloud illustration on a blue and orange coloured background, with real cloud images overlaid

    What is cloud-to-cloud backup?

    3 Jun, 2019

    C2C backup is growing in popularity, so what is it, and how can it help your business if the worst happens?

  5. How the enterprise can embrace hybrid cloud

    29 May, 2019

    Hybrid cloud has much to offer organisations of all sizes, but enterprises in particular stand to gain so much