1. UK cloud adoption outpacing the EU average

    17 Dec, 2018

    British organisations represent the sixth greatest European cloud users, with Scandinavian nations leading the pack

  2. Google cloud platform

    Google Cloud blocks sale of general facial recognition APIs

    17 Dec, 2018

    The announcement follows concerns around bias and calls for tighter regulation

  3. Microsoft announces behaviour visualisation tool Clarity

    14 Dec, 2018

    The tool will go head to head with Optimizely, Google Optimize and Visual Web Optimizer

  4. Oracle building in Canada

    Oracle files lawsuit over $10bn Pentagon cloud contract

    13 Dec, 2018

    Tech giant believes the JEDI contract should be awarded to multiple vendors

  5. Pentagon building from above

    Fears mount around Russian influence over JEDI contract

    12 Dec, 2018

    Microsoft and Oracle have criticised the Pentagon’s cloud contract but reports now indicate Russia has a hand in more private US business


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  2. Office 2016 vs Office 365 vs Office Online

    31 Aug, 2018

    We compare the many versions of Microsoft Office: perpetual, subscription-based and free

  3. Spotify lets free users skip ads

    14 Aug, 2018

    The service will use an algorithm to learn which ads users listen to

  4. Half of adults now use streaming services

    9 Aug, 2018

    The Office of National Statistics reveals the popularity of paid-for content streaming services

  5. Best cloud storage for the UK in 2018

    2 Aug, 2018

    Cloud storage services are more affordable than ever, but which one is best for your business?


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    18 Dec, 2018

    The best tools for keeping track of when someone accesses your internet, computer, phone and more

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    13 Dec, 2018

    Whether you've already moved your servers to the cloud or are in the market for something new, here's what to look out for

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    11 Dec, 2018

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    4 Dec, 2018

    We look at Google Cloud under Greene's leadership and what the future holds for the company

  5. Everton FC scores with SureCloud's data protection suite

    29 Nov, 2018

    The club managed to modernise its entire system in under five months