Business Intelligence

IBM and WANdisco team up on relational database tech

9 Jan, 2019
Clare Hopping

IBM Db2 Big SQL will provide a SQL solution on hybrid deployments for the first time

Make better decisions with analytics

4 Jan, 2019

Analytics can transform a business, but it takes the right data, processes and technology to work

How to solve your big data problem

4 Jan, 2019

Big data brings new challenges for business, but Intel’s latest technology can help you meet them and make the most of the potential

Data analytics in the GDPR era

21 Dec, 2018

GDPR seems to make things tough for analytics, but it could be a blessing in disguise

visualised data

Google Cloud creates works of art using big data

19 Dec, 2018
Bobby Hellard

The work is designed to create a global picture of the data it services

HPE hails 'major leap in storage' with memory-driven flash

28 Nov, 2018
Dale Walker

The company also reveals InfoSight platform enhancements and an expansion to its Cloud Volumes service

Google invests $700 million in carbon-neutral Danish data centre

21 Nov, 2018
Connor Jones

The new site in Fredericia will continue the company's 100% green energy commitment with one of its most advanced data centres yet

team around a desk with clouds of different sizes spread out on it

Cloud and hybrid technology tops the priority list for businesses

9 Nov, 2018
Esther Kezia Thorpe

Automation and data analytics are also high on the list of top technologies that are important to IT professionals

MicrosoftUK CEO Cindy Rose on stage at Future Decoded

Microsoft Future Decoded: The three forces driving the AI revolution

31 Oct, 2018
Bobby Hellard

Redmond's UK CEO, Cindy Rose, explains how data, cloud and the pace of AI are transforming business faster than any technology before

North Pole landscape

University of Texas global database to help scientists explore effects of climate change on North Pole

22 Oct, 2018
Rene Millman

Cloud-based database of thousands of images will better track ice loss in the arctic

Cloud Academy interface

Cloud Academy guide will help match skills with business needs

17 Oct, 2018
Clare Hopping

Cloud Roster and Cloud Catalog will provide intelligence on skills gaps and tech trends

Salesforce's Einstein Voice will let users build bespoke chat-bots for customers

20 Sep, 2018
Rene Millman

Einstein Voice will launch as a beta trial within the next few months

Best speech-recognition software 2018

20 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

Give your fingers a rest using software that lets you quickly dictate notes, create documents and control your PC using your voice

SaaS revenues hit $20 billion last quarter as Microsoft extends market lead

22 Aug, 2018
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

Salesforce recorded the slowest growth among its rivals despite dominating CRM market

What Google knows about you

17 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping Jonathan Parkyn

Google knows where you've been, and that's just the tip of a privacy-invading iceberg

What does your boss know about you?

2 Aug, 2018
Barry Collins

Think your private messages on work systems are safe? Think again. Here's what your boss can see on Slack, G Suite and Office 365

Google brings AI to edge devices

26 Jul, 2018
Dale Walker

The cloud giant's new TPU chip makes it possible for IoT devices to run machine learning models

What makes a good bespoke app?

18 Jul, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Why 'design thinking' is proving invaluable for the creation of in-house applications

What does digital transformation mean to your business?

3 Jul, 2018

There has been a lot of talk about digital transformation, but what is it really and what are the benefits for your business?

HPE invests $4 billion in edge computing

19 Jun, 2018
Adam Shepherd

Tech giant bets big on decentralised IoT architecture