Salesforce's Einstein Voice will let users build bespoke chat-bots for customers


Einstein Voice will launch as a beta trial within the next few months

Salesforce has revealed its plans for an Einstein voice assistant that will enable its users to talk to its mobile app or smart speaker and interact with their data on Salesforce's platform.

The company has also revealed the platform will allow users to build their own Einstein Voice Bots that provide customised interactions for use in their products.

The new voice assistant turns what users say into action by updating Salesforce records, notifying team members and creating tasks, the company explained. Einstein will also give users a daily briefing of key Salesforce metrics and priorities via their preferred voice assistant.

Daily Briefings can be configured by admins to focus on what each business user wants, such as the day's schedule and key opportunity updates, to an overview of their team's pipeline.

Voice commands will allow business users to get to critical information they need in Salesforce. Instead of manually opening and filtering dashboards, users can now pull up Einstein Analytics dashboards and go into further detail.

With Salesforce's Einstein voice bots, companies would be able to create custom voice-enabled interactions for their own customers and employees. It said that such bots could be created without any knowledge of coding and be deployed to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It gave an example of a rental car company allowing its customers to update a reservation with a simple voice command to the smart speaker of their choice. The Einstein Voice Bot would then source responses from knowledge articles in Service Cloud and share answers to help resolve the customer's case. The bots can also be customised to match an organisation's branding.

"We're in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work," said Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO at Salesforce. "Einstein Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology."

Einstein Voice will launch as a pilot within the next few months, although users will have to wait until next summer to start building their bots. Pricing for the products will be announced once they become generally available.

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