Business Intelligence

What Google knows about you

17 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping Jonathan Parkyn

Google knows where you've been, and that's just the tip of a privacy-invading iceberg

What does your boss know about you?

2 Aug, 2018
Barry Collins

Think your private messages on work systems are safe? Think again. Here's what your boss can see on Slack, G Suite and Office 365

Google brings AI to edge devices

26 Jul, 2018
Dale Walker

The cloud giant's new TPU chip makes it possible for IoT devices to run machine learning models

What makes a good bespoke app?

18 Jul, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Why 'design thinking' is proving invaluable for the creation of in-house applications

What does digital transformation mean to your business?

3 Jul, 2018

There has been a lot of talk about digital transformation, but what is it really and what are the benefits for your business?

HPE invests $4 billion in edge computing

19 Jun, 2018
Adam Shepherd

Tech giant bets big on decentralised IoT architecture

Questions you still need to ask SAP about indirect access

18 Jun, 2018
Joe Curtis

SAP believes it has solved customers' concerns around indirect access, but some unanswered questions remain

IBM expands cloud availability with 18 new zones

14 Jun, 2018
Joe Curtis

UK, Germany and Japan get new datacentres as IBM makes IoT push

How to deploy and manage Google's G Suite

7 Jun, 2018
Anthony Lawrence

Looking for an easy-to-manage cloud-based application suite? Anthony Lawrence introduces Google's G Suite

Nine things you need to know about the Internet of Things

1 Jun, 2018
Nick Booth Bobby Hellard

How will machine to machine comms across the cloud work? Here's what you should know

SAP draws manufacturing industry into the cloud

24 Apr, 2018
Clare Hopping

The company's Digital Manufacturing Cloud will help manufacturers better understand their productivity barriers

Pushing cloud AI closer to the edge

12 Apr, 2018
Keri Allan

The popularity of AI services means cloud-only processing is no longer enough

Microsoft reveals new AI and cloud-powered health initiatives

2 Mar, 2018
Clare Hopping

The new tools will boost innovation in the healthcare sector, benefitting both patients and professionals

SAP packages up Leonardo innovation for telcos

1 Mar, 2018
Clare Hopping

Vendor pushes analytics, machine learning and more in bid to boost customer profits

The rise of blockchain-as-a-service

20 Feb, 2018
Mark Mayne

As major Virtual Cloudsviders solidify their blockchain offerings, have real world benefits begun to emerge for enterprise?

UK Cloud Awards 2018: Judges Q&A (Part 2)

15 Feb, 2018
Virtual Clouds

How to prove the value of your cloud service in your awards entry

Citrix acquires Cedexis to optimise hybrid apps

15 Feb, 2018
Clare Hopping

Cedexis' traffic management expertise will run alongside NetScaler

UK Cloud Awards 2018: Judges Q&A (Part 1)

31 Jan, 2018
Virtual Clouds

We ask five of our 20 judges why organisations should enter this year's awards

60% of enterprises plan to shift their IT into the cloud by 2020

19 Jan, 2018
Clare Hopping

Business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are the most popular application of the cloud

NHS England urged to adopt AI to boost digital efforts

15 Jan, 2018
Clare Hopping

Reform offers 16 recommendations to improve the use of AI in public healthcare