Evernote prepares to shift infrastructure into Google Cloud Platform

Firm looks to modernise to maintain speed and flexibility

Cloud-based productivity firm Evernote is preparing to move its entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

The decision to move to Google came after reviewing every part of its operations including its physical server infrastructure, the firm said in a blog post

“Until now, Evernote has owned, configured, and maintained its own servers and networks. This approach gave us the ability to build the service we wanted the way we wanted to build it. But it is also limiting—expensive to maintain, slow to upgrade, and difficult to scale. And while the infrastructure we have now is perfectly suited to support Evernote as it runs today, it lacks the speed and flexibility we need for tomorrow,” said Ben McCormack, Evernote's vice president of operations.

He said that cloud platform services have come into their own, transforming the technological landscape as they become more robust. The question Evernote management asked itself was, can a cloud service give Evernote's 200 million customers the high level of quality, performance, and security they expect from the company?

McCormack expects Google Cloud Platform will give Evernote significant improvements in performance, security, efficiency, and scalability. “Moving to the cloud also allows us to focus time and resources on the things that matter most,” he added.

One particular benefit of Evernote using the platform is access to Google's machine learning technologies, such as translation, photo management, and voice search.

“We look forward to taking advantage of these technologies to help you more easily connect your ideas, search for information in Evernote, and find the right note at the moment you need it,” he said.

Evernote is currently finalising the infrastructure architecture with Google before migration starts in October. Evernote said this should be completed by the end of the year.

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