Best speech-recognition software 2018

20 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

Give your fingers a rest using software that lets you quickly dictate notes, create documents and control your PC using your voice

The best free ways to share large files online

18 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

How to send massive files online when email and NFC just won't cut it

How to make your email hack-proof

13 Sep, 2018
Wayne Williams

How to secure your inbox, enhance your mail and unlock secret codes

BT snaps-up NHS contract for South East England

4 Sep, 2018
Clare Hopping

24 trusts will have access to the tools and services they need to serve patients better

Microsoft is redesigning Skype in hope to win back users

3 Sep, 2018
Vaughn Highfield

In a bid to regain consumer trust, Microsoft is killing Skype’s Snapchat-like highlights feature

Office 2016 vs Office 365 vs Office Online: what’s the difference?

31 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping Virtual Clouds

We compare the many versions of Microsoft Office: perpetual, subscription-based and free

Box is building an AI-powered early warning system for data breaches

30 Aug, 2018
Dale Walker

Box Shield aims to make it easier to monitor file activity across an organisation

Microsoft brings AI transcription to OneDrive

29 Aug, 2018
Nicole Kobie

Microsoft adds more machine learning and AI tools to Office 365

AMD EPYC powers Dropbox through its data centre refresh

24 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping

The single-socket processors offer more power than previously available in single-socket configurations

VoIP handset

How to choose the right phone for your VoIP needs

22 Aug, 2018

You’ve made the switch to a legacy-free VoIP system. Now you need to choose the right phone to match your workforce’s requirements...

Police standing about

Home Office hunting for a vendor to move Police data to AWS

17 Aug, 2018
Bobby Hellard

Outdated police storage systems currently reside in a traditional data centre

Best tab managers for Google Chrome

16 Aug, 2018
Andy Shaw

A look at the best ways to manage your tabs, to free-up resources and bookmark your favourite sites

G Suite to get breach investigation tools and data residencies in latest upgrade

24 Jul, 2018
Dale Walker

Enhanced AI tools for G Mail also announced at Google's Next 2018 conference

What makes a good bespoke app?

18 Jul, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Why 'design thinking' is proving invaluable for the creation of in-house applications

Best Apple Watch apps: The 20 best free and paid-for Apple Watch apps

12 Jul, 2018
Bobby Hellard

Bought an Apple Watch? Get these apps and games first

IBM Watson can predict just how productive you are

12 Jul, 2018
Bobby Hellard

AI could be used to determine pay rises and promotions

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

9 Jul, 2018
Clare Hopping Rene Millman

We pit the online spreadsheet giants against each other to see who is top dog

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word Online

6 Jul, 2018
Adam Shepherd Rene Millman

How do the top two online office productivity apps fare against each other? Read on to find out...

How to get the most out of document management

3 Jul, 2018
Steve Cassidy

Document management may sound dull, but Steve Cassidy finds out how it can save you valuable time - and money