What to expect at Dreamforce 2018

25 Sep, 2018
Maggie Holland

This week plays host to Salesforce's annual conference, but what can we expect to see and hear from the cloud giant?

The best free ways to share large files online

18 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

How to send massive files online when email and NFC just won't cut it

Hand with cloud floating above, money in different currencies raining from it

Four ways to keep cloud costs under control

17 Sep, 2018
Esther Kezia Thorpe

Individual cloud costs may look manageable, but can quickly spiral out of control. Read our tips to get a grip on cloud spending

How to make your email hack-proof

13 Sep, 2018
Wayne Williams

How to secure your inbox, enhance your mail and unlock secret codes

Unsupported software figures show councils 'still aren't serious about security'

11 Sep, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Authorities faced an average of 37 attacks per minute between 2013 and 2017 on unsupported software

Best GitHub projects 2018

6 Sep, 2018
Robert Irvine

Discover cutting-edge free tools that are constantly being updated and improved by the open-source GitHub community

broadband cables

UK ISPs exploit 'shocking acceptance of less than broadband'

21 Aug, 2018
Nicholas Fearn

Experts say dishonest advertising stymies innovation and artificially inflates the value of lower-grade connections

What Google knows about you

17 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping Jonathan Parkyn

Google knows where you've been, and that's just the tip of a privacy-invading iceberg

Best tab managers for Google Chrome

16 Aug, 2018
Andy Shaw

A look at the best ways to manage your tabs, to free-up resources and bookmark your favourite sites

How to master your passwords on all your devices

14 Aug, 2018
Wayne Williams

Simple solutions to help you sort through the chaos of saved browser passwords

A look at Duplex, Google's creepy AI chatbot

9 Aug, 2018
David Crookes

Google can now use artificial intelligence to make phone calls on your behalf, but is it clever or alarming?

Amazon Prime Day: A lesson in how not to handle an IT outage

7 Aug, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Tips for avoiding and mitigating downtime on what could be your busiest time of the year

What does your boss know about you?

2 Aug, 2018
Barry Collins

Think your private messages on work systems are safe? Think again. Here's what your boss can see on Slack, G Suite and Office 365

Google Cloud CTO: To win the enterprise, we need to cut the tech jargon

27 Jul, 2018
Dale Walker

CTO Brian Stevens says GCP needs to get better at talking about technology

How the cloud cooled my phone's meltdown

24 Jul, 2018
Barry Collins

Barry Collins narrowly avoids data disaster when his handset gets overheated

Seven ways to test your online security

19 Jul, 2018
Robert Irvine

The best online tests for identifying security blind spots

What makes a good bespoke app?

18 Jul, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Why 'design thinking' is proving invaluable for the creation of in-house applications

How to boost your business Wi-Fi

17 Jul, 2018
Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy sets out eight steps to a trouble-free Wi-Fi upgrade

Academics: Full cloud is like Netflix, bursting is just boring old iPlayer

12 Jul, 2018
Keri Allan

Despite growing interest in the public cloud, universities remain split over the efficacy of 'bursting'

Not everybody wants to rule the world: Why HPE isn't worried about catching up to Dell

10 Jul, 2018
Adam Shepherd

'Yeah Dell's got a couple of points on us - who cares?'