How Hive keeps the lights on with VMware and AWS

22 Nov, 2018
Adam Shepherd

Head of SRE explains how constant IT reinvention helps keep the company growing

How to run classic versions of Windows on modern PCs

20 Nov, 2018
Wayne Williams

Despite Microsoft's efforts to modernise Windows, some older features are too good to let go

Laptop on a desk with a cloud illustration overlay, with icons to represent a virtual desktop

What are cloud desktops and how can they benefit my business?

30 Oct, 2018
Esther Kezia Thorpe

Cloud desktops provide businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to grow and collaborate

Should you stop using CCleaner?

16 Oct, 2018
Jane Hoskyn

CCleaner was forced to dump a recent version following a furious privacy backlash – perhaps it's time you looked at alternatives

Everything you need to know about Cloudflare

11 Oct, 2018
Bobby Hellard

The internet security company that you may not have heard of, but have probably used

Diane Green on stage at Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next: A cloud for everybody?

10 Oct, 2018
Bobby Hellard

CEO Diane Green: "The cloud is a major vehicle for digital transformation"

Seven IT upgrades that pay for themselves

8 Oct, 2018
Steve Cassidy

Is your IT department a financial black hole? Here are seven projects that can boost your revenue

What is cloud bursting?

4 Oct, 2018
Steve Cassidy

The latest hybrid model could be a cost-effective way to take advantage of the cloud

Alternatives to using VPNs when connecting your remote workers

2 Oct, 2018
Nik Rawlinson

A virtual private network is the go to solution when it comes to remote connections, but other options may be more suitable

How to choose the right remote support software

28 Sep, 2018
Dave Mitchell

The key things all buyers should consider if they're in the market for new support tools

What to expect at Dreamforce 2018

25 Sep, 2018
Maggie Holland

This week plays host to Salesforce's annual conference, but what can we expect to see and hear from the cloud giant?

The best free ways to share large files online

18 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

How to send massive files online when email and NFC just won't cut it

How to make your email hack-proof

13 Sep, 2018
Wayne Williams

How to secure your inbox, enhance your mail and unlock secret codes

Unsupported software figures show councils 'still aren't serious about security'

11 Sep, 2018
Sandra Vogel

Authorities faced an average of 37 attacks per minute between 2013 and 2017 on unsupported software

Best GitHub projects 2018

6 Sep, 2018
Robert Irvine

Discover cutting-edge free tools that are constantly being updated and improved by the open-source GitHub community

broadband cables

UK ISPs exploit 'shocking acceptance of less than broadband'

21 Aug, 2018
Nicholas Fearn

Experts say dishonest advertising stymies innovation and artificially inflates the value of lower-grade connections

What Google knows about you

17 Aug, 2018
Clare Hopping Jonathan Parkyn

Google knows where you've been, and that's just the tip of a privacy-invading iceberg

Best tab managers for Google Chrome

16 Aug, 2018
Andy Shaw

A look at the best ways to manage your tabs, to free-up resources and bookmark your favourite sites

How to master your passwords on all your devices

14 Aug, 2018
Wayne Williams

Simple solutions to help you sort through the chaos of saved browser passwords

A look at Duplex, Google's creepy AI chatbot

9 Aug, 2018
David Crookes

Google can now use artificial intelligence to make phone calls on your behalf, but is it clever or alarming?