IT & infrastructure

Tresorit Business review: Super-secure shared storage

5 Dec, 2019
Dave Mitchell

An emphasis on security makes this cloud service perfect for anyone handling sensitive data

Verizon unveils 5G edge compute service at Re:Invent

4 Dec, 2019
Bobby Hellard

With AWS Wavelength, the telco will enable cloud computing on ultra-low latency devices

AWS plugs leaky S3 buckets with CloudKnox integration

3 Dec, 2019
Bobby Hellard

Partnership aims to address S3's pervasive human error problem

Your data backup could be a disaster waiting to happen

3 Dec, 2019
Nik Rawlinson

You may think your files are protected - but could you be in for a nasty surprise when disaster strikes?

AWS goes all-in on quantum computing

3 Dec, 2019
Bobby Hellard

The cloud giant has put its hat into the ring for qubit research and development

A man watching Netflix on a MacBook

Dead Netflix accounts reactivated by hackers

29 Nov, 2019
Bobby Hellard

Former users are being charged months after cancelling subscriptions, according to reports

Google to axe Cloud Print by 2021

22 Nov, 2019
Connor Jones

Businesses that rely on the service must develop and execute a migration strategy by the cut-off date

Microsoft HQ

Microsoft overhauls its privacy policy amid EU concerns

18 Nov, 2019

Data processing responsibilities will be clearly defined on all commercial cloud contracts as of early 2020

View from the airport: Microsoft Ignite 2019

12 Nov, 2019
Dale Walker

After a conference full of pragmatism, compromise and humble pie, it’s time Microsoft went back to basics

Green cloud data centre power

How Johnson & Johnson boosted its performance by lifting Teradata to AWS

Case Studies
6 Nov, 2019
Lindsay Clark

Moving its data warehouse to the cloud cut load times in half and improved Tableau performance by 60%, but the migration wasn't without pain

Firefox scraps extension sideloading over malware fears

1 Nov, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

Installation methods will need to be updated after 10 March 2020

Businesses stung by highly convincing Office 365 voicemail scam

31 Oct, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

This latest wave of phishing attacks incorporates real audio recordings to create a sense of urgency

Multi cloud illustration on a blue and orange coloured background, with real cloud images overlaid

What is cloud-to-cloud backup?

28 Oct, 2019
Zach Cooper Esther Kezia Thorpe

C2C backup is growing in popularity, so what is it, and how can it help your business if the worst happens?

Google's quantum computer chip

Google and IBM debate "quantum supremacy" in academic spat

24 Oct, 2019
Bobby Hellard

One tech giant claims it's reached a quantum computing milestone, while the other disputes the touted "supremacy" achievement

View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

22 Oct, 2019

Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado

Android gets new security sandboxing features

18 Oct, 2019
Adam Shepherd

Google brings mobile site isolation to Chrome to protect against ‘Spectre-like’ attacks

Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani addressing delegates at its annual GO conference

Commvault sounds warning for multi-cloud “new world order”

16 Oct, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

CEO Sanjay Mirchandani draws from the "scars of being a CIO" to promote his roadmap for the company

The four cloud skills that are key for the channel’s future

16 Oct, 2019
Zach Cooper Esther Kezia Thorpe Grace Halverson

What you need to learn to ensure a smooth transition to a cloud model

Box: We're in the business of protecting companies from themselves

10 Oct, 2019
Bobby Hellard

CIO Paul Chapman explains why he launches phishing attacks against his own company

Cloud security

Trust in public Virtual Cloudsviders’ security is increasing

8 Oct, 2019
Zach Cooper

Enhanced security measures are encouraging use of cloud computing