AWS and Salesforce extend partnership to aid digital transformation through simplified data sharing


Strategic alliance extension will make it easier to share data and events across AWS and Salesforce services

Salesforce and AWS have bolstered their existing relationship in a bid to help IT decision makers more easily achieve their digital transformation ambitions.

The latest iteration of the partnership between the two cloud giants centres on new product integrations designed to simplify secure synchronisation and sharing of data across their respective services.

"Salesforce's growing strategic relationship with AWS is fuelled by a shared commitment to customer success," said Bret Taylor, president and chief product officer, Salesforce.

"Our newest integrations will empower CIOs to securely share and synchronise data across two of the world's most trusted cloud platforms to accelerate their digital transformation."

Essentially, the agreement between the two firms makes it easier for joint customers to move data between the two services. More specifically, AWSPrivateLink will be integrated with Salesforce APIs. By using PrivateLink-enabled Salesforce endpoints, organisations will be able to take greater advantage of their customer-focused data and unlock more insight that previously possible with one-off integrations, according to a Salesforce press statement.

AWS will also be integrated with Salesforce Platform Events in 2019. The two companies working together to create a new solution designed to enable mutual customers to subscribe to and publish events with great ease. For example, the firms said, a sales opportunity created in Salesforce could easily then trigger an action in AWS Lambda (or other AWS products), with results post-processing published back to Salesforce as Platform Events.  

What’s more, Amazon Connect will integrate with Salesforce’s Service Cloud to make it easy for companies to create Lightning-based, AI-fuelled, self-service voice experiences.

“Because of the deep relationship between AWS and Salesforce - Salesforce runs the vast majority of their public cloud workloads in AWS, and Amazon relies upon Salesforce across various businesses to enhance customer relationships - we have a unique ability to integrate our services and provide customers with enhanced solutions,” said Matt Garman, vice president AWS Compute Services.

“These new integrations will enable companies to leverage the full power of both platforms, driving innovation and building intelligent, connected customer experiences.”

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