Salesforce boosts marketing analytics services with Dataorama data and tech


The company's Marketing Cloud will now include enhanced data-led APIs and metrics for marketers

Six months after buying marketing intelligence platform Datorama, Salesforce has announced it will be integrating the company's tech into its Marketing Cloud platform as well as developer tools business can use to create extensions for powering their business decisions.

Datorama Marketing Cloud will tag on the ability for marketers to visualise the performance of their social media and email marketing campaigns against other marketing methods, with enhanced reporting, insights and analytics. It supports detailed insights from paid social media, paid media, web analytics, sales data and other marketing or advertising data so marketers can ascertain which marketing channels were the most successful over time.

The Datorama Developer Portal offers developers the tools to build custom integrations into their marketing performance platform to make it more tailored to their needs. It comprises a Platform API, Query API, Custom API Data Connectors, Python retrieval and Custom Visualisation to create widgets within Datorama for analysing and measuring success.

The final new addition is the Activation Centre that offers marketers the opportunity to action recommendations instantly, all from one place. Data can be compared across marketing platforms and those that aren’t performing as well can be automatically paused. Marketers can also set up notifications or alerts should a key API is met or is not performing.

"When Salesforce acquired Datorama, it recognized a real need for customers–bringing all the data from different marketing campaigns and channels together to optimize spending and maximize marketing ROI,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP of research at Nucleus Research.

“Six months later, Salesforce and Datorama are bringing customers more ways to get value by delivering the strengths of Datorama and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to customers. These advancements will enable marketers to better understand campaign performance and act on that data through customized integrations and automated actions.”

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