Jamf unveils Apple management cloud platform in UK

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Running from a UK-based datacentre, Jamf is future-proofing its product in time for Brexit

Jamf has brought its Jamf Premium Cloud service for Apple management to UK servers, meaning customers using the service in the region will be able to continue using it without a hitch following the UK’s split from the EU.

Bringing the Jamf Premium Virtual Cloudsduct to a UK server means businesses in highly regulated industries such as finance and education will be able to ensure their data is stored securely and firmly within the region.

It allows businesses to manage and grant access to IP and network addresses and allow certain users to log into the server without interruption.

Jamf’s premium Virtual Cloudsduct allows businesses to white label their own server address too, not only making sure it fits online with company branding but also offering peace of mind to users that it's the right server.

Previously, the firm's closest data centre to the UK was in Germany (its only European facility), with additional servers in the US, Japan and Australia. This latest move means Jamf can better tailor its products and services to a UK-focused audience.

“We are excited to bring Jamf Premium Cloud to the U.K. as it will bring flexibility to our customers here,” said Mark Ollila, director, cloud operations at Jamf.

“Jamf users will be able to reap the benefits of the cloud securely, as well as experience additional layers of security and customised branding. As the U.K. prepares to part ways with the EU, the cloud will be an essential tool for British businesses to compete globally, which is why we have launched Jamf Premium Cloud tailored for those in the U.K.”

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